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Chronic pain is one of the most common conditions that adult Americans complain about. Health and lifestyle are often the cause of musculoskeletal issues that patients consult with their doctors. And because of this, many are seeking alternative, drug-free remedies to deal with their pain. and neck. Patients who have visited the Complete Care Chiropractor in Owasso reported that their symptoms are reduced by 48%. This is because of the relief from pressure which causes more tension, as well as being able to relax muscles with adjustments. The result is less muscle tightness and better flexibility.

If you are looking for drug-free pain relief options, you should consider chiropractic care and treatments. Our team at Complete Care Chiropractic is happy to help you develop a plan for your holistic health and wellness.

Let us get to know more about chiropractic care and its various benefits.

About Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care can be traced back to 1895 in Davenport, Iowa. It is a hands-on approach that focuses on the health of your spine and joints as well as your nervous system by making adjustments with gentle pressure. A complete care chiropractor will help you get on track for better wellness and improved pain management through the use of spinal adjustments, manual manipulations, and even nutritional advice.

It may help patients find relief from conditions such as chronic pain, migraines, and even digestive issues.

Chiropractic care and treatment are mainly focused on the spine. However, it can also address other areas of the body depending on the conditions that have.

Some people mistake Chiropractic care with physical therapy because of their similarities and the benefits it can provide. But, typically, chiropractors use manipulation techniques to help relieve pressure on the spine and joints. Physical therapists will use exercises, in addition to manual technique manipulations.

How Regular Visits at the Complete Care Chiropractic Can Benefit Your Overall Health

There are many benefits that come with regular visits to the  Complete Care Chiropractic. Here are some of them:

Provide Relief from Neck Pain

If you are suffering from neck pain, chiropractic care can provide relief.  Neck pain is a condition that many Americans deal with especially if they have poor posture and sit for many hours per day. Chiropractic care and treatments can help ease the pain by easing tense muscles and realigning the spine.

Studies showed that regular spinal manipulation has better effects than taking medications to address neck pain. Likewise, cervical spine manipulations also reduced neck pain in short term by changing the levels of neuropeptides in the blood.

Reduce Opioid Dependency

People with chronic pain are often given prescriptions for pain medications to help them manage discomfort. On the other hand, visiting a chiropractor can help lower the need for pain relievers.

For those who have been taking opioid medication for a long time, visiting Complete Care Chiropractics may help reduce the dosage and eventually stop them from using it altogether.  Patients undergoing treatments in Owasso found that their dependency on medicine was reduced by 66%.

Improves Posture

Chiropractic treatment will also help you stand taller and with proper alignment. Slouching can lead to muscle tightness, which in turn may cause back pain. Regular chiropractic care potentially corrects poor posture especially when it is due to long hours of sitting.

Poor or hunchback posture also causes headaches, back pain, and neck pain. With regular treatments, patients with this condition find improvements in their posture and reduced pain conditions in the head and neck.

Ease Back Pain

Back pain is a common condition that affects people of all age groups and genders. With chiropractic care, patients feel better in the back region because spinal adjustments can reduce pressure on nerves leading to less discomfort.

Some studies have found that manipulation treatments are most effective for treating lower back pain which is due to compression on joints or vertebrae.

Chiropractic care may be one of the best alternatives to invasive treatments such as surgery for addressing chronic back pain. People may also benefit from yoga, exercise, and progressive muscle relaxation to treat their pain.

Eases Headache Symptoms

Chiropractic treatment can also help people who suffer from headaches. The most common type of headache is the tension type that often occurs due to stress or prolonged use of computers and phones.

Chiropractor Owasso patients reported a significant decrease in their number of migraines after they started treatments. People with chronic headaches are also able to find relief with chiropractic treatments.

Improvement in Blood Circulation

Patients often suffer from poor blood circulation due to long periods of sitting or lack thereof. When there is less flow of blood, it becomes difficult for the body's organs and muscles to get what they need to function properly.

Regular visits to the Complete Care Chiropractic can help improve blood circulation and leads to less fatigue, faster recovery time from workouts, better concentration levels, and improved sleep.

In the long run, adjustments and treatments may also lead to lower cholesterol levels and reduced risk of heart diseases that are often associated with poor blood flow in the body.

More Energy and Better Sleep Patterns

Patients experience better energy levels which leads to improved performance at work or during physical activities such as running, exercising, or playing sports.

Regular chiropractic adjustments help improve sleep patterns by improving blood circulation in the brain through regular spinal adjustments that may reduce pressure on nerves.

Reduction of Osteoarthritis Symptoms

One of the most common conditions that chiropractic care can help reduce symptoms is osteoarthritis. It may be due to regular treatments or the natural pain relief properties of spinal adjustments, but patients notice improved joint mobility and less pain in their joints after complete health chiropractic treatments.

An improvement in overall wellness starts with a chiropractic treatment from Complete Care Chiropractic in Owasso. It can lead to an improvement in the quality of life and less pain or discomfort.

Better Sports Performance

Many chiropractic patients are athletes who go through rigorous physical training.

Chiropractic treatment helps them recover faster and prevents injuries that may sideline their sports performance. There have been many reports of professional players such as basketball, football, or soccer players who benefited from working with experts from Complete Care Chiropractic for back pain which led to better game performance.

Regular chiropractic treatments can also help prevent injuries by strengthening muscles in the body and preventing muscle fatigue during games or workouts.

Improvement of Mental Health Conditions

The benefits of chiropractic care extend to mental health as well with an improvement in mood, anxiety levels, stress reduction, and concentration levels after treatment.

Chiropractic care can be an effective way to address chronic pain, mood changes and anxiety in some people without the use of drugs or surgery.

Possible Improvement in Focus and Concentration

As complete chiropractic care has been shown to improve sports performance for athletes, it may also be effective in improving the overall performance of students.

A study found that children who are exposed to regular treatments have better grades than those who do not receive a similar treatment. The benefits were attributed mostly to improvements in concentration and focus which is essential for students to complete their homework and other academic tasks.

An Affordable Alternative to Costly Pain Treatment

Many complete pain treatment options are costly and may require prolonged use of prescription drugs.

On the other hand, chiropractic care is an affordable alternative that can provide significant improvements in health without as many side effects or increased risk for addiction.

Studies have shown chiropractic treatments to be more effective than commonly used medications such as ibuprofen in reducing pain caused by joint inflammation.

At Complete Care Chiropractic, treatments can thus be a more affordable and safer alternative to other costly treatments for chronic pain relief.

Are Chiropractors Doctors? What Certification Do They Have?

One common question people have is whether chiropractors are doctors. Chiropractors have as much training and education in their field of expertise as medical doctors, but they are not licensed to prescribe medicine or carry out surgery on patients.

In the US, chiropractors are required to obtain a degree from graduate school called Doctor of Chiropractor (DC). Admission to the program requires 90 hours of undergraduate coursework. A bachelor's degree is generally required for advanced programs.

It's important to note that chiropractic care is an alternative form of treatment that can be used alongside conventional treatments for injuries and pain relief.

Visit Complete Care Chiropractic To Start Your Journey to Holistic Wellness!

Chiropractic care can help you address various health issues and provide effective pain management options. It is not only for patients experiencing chronic pain or discomfort, athletes, regular office employees, and children may also benefit from chiropractic care. One of the main reasons for its popularity is that it is a safe and drug-free alternative to invasive medical procedures.

Regular visits to a chiropractor can also help you ease out of your old habits and lead a healthier lifestyle by making small changes in your routine, food choices, and physical activity.

Start your journey to holistic wellness by working with a chiropractor today. If you want to know how chiropractic care can help you, visit Complete Care Chiropractic in Owasso, Oklahoma, visit our website to schedule an appointment! Our team of experts will be happy to help you on your journey to complete wellness.

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